White Cloud

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes seem to offer one of the most beautiful e-cigs around and with an innovative product and a wide range of goodies on display, you’d think that they would score a lot higher than they did. We decided to take a closer look with our White Cloud e-cig review…


Editor's rating

white cloud electronic cigaretteWe opted for the Cirrus 3 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit to bee our review on. It never turned up. We sent repeated emails to the company with no response…. Three or four weeks had passed until they finally emailed us back and asked us to cal their customer services guys. We had thought about calling them up before but we wanted to see how the email thing went… You know, to report back to you guys.

After calling White Cloud and being passed around to what felt like a million different departments, we finally spoke to someone that might be able to help us with our problem – we had paid $69.95 and got no starter kit. After a little bit of fighting, they finally agreed to send us out another kid and within a few days, it had arrived on our door stop.

Firstly, we must discuss the packaging. We were very impressed. Everything was nicely packaged in a large enough box to hold everything nicely without crushing or damaging anything; something that most electronic cigarette companies have not yet managed to do. Everything looked nice and dandy and we almost forgot that we had waited a month for it to arrive and had a load of issues.

Pulling the kit out the box and we found 5 cartridges (flavours and strengths of our choice), 3 batteries (choice of 3 coloured batteries and 3 coloured tips), a squid charger (which we absolutely loved!), wall adapter, online user manual instructions and a 6 month warranty. You can pay to extend this to a 2 year warranty if you wanted to.

The squid charger took our fancy straight away – the possibility of charging ALL our batteries up at once…. It literally took our breath away! Score one to White cloud!

The batteries were impressive… The stealth option offers incredible quiet gaping and you can even buy these in physical stores if you can’t wait for yours to be delivered… especially if it takes a month.

6 nicotine levels means that there really is something for everyone. You can make your pick from zero nicotine to double extra (54mg) which his definitely more than what is offered by other electronic cigarette companies. If you are looking for strength, White Cloud is most definitely the right one for you.

There are also 16 different flavours available to tantalise your taste buds. With tobacco, menthol, exotic and fruit favours available, there is one to suit everybody!

The throat hit that we experience when we started using White Cloud e-cigarettes was fairly impressive. It died down quite quick, as did the flavours in the cartridges, but it was a relatively pleasant experience in general. For a beginner, we would highly recommend White Cloud. If you are looking for something bigger and better than what you have already, we’d probably pass.

The quiet draw was beautifully smooth which actually make it a very enjoyable cigarette to smoke. There was plenty of vapour, which is always a winner in our eyes but yet again, as the battery started to lose power and as we worked our way through the cartridges, the vapor and throat hit died down. Going back to the flavours and we will say that they are some of the most realistic flavours we’ve tried. It makes a refreshing change from the stale flavours we’ve been using in the likes of Vapor Couture.

The other thing that definitely make White Cloud standout above the rest is the large amount of accessories up for the taking. You can even make use of free shipping on orders over $50. So far, things are going rather well for White Cloud.

Sadly, there are a few pros that we feel you should know about – they were a very expensive brand but recently dropped their prices. They still stand a little higher than some of the others we have spotted, but the price is pretty fair for the product that you receive. This isn’t SmokeTip with it’s shoddy products and garbage packaging. This is a good, decent and reputable brand – a brand that you can rely on.

We didn’t get off to a flying start with White Cloud and although we were already in a bad mood with the company, they did earn a few brownie points back. They are a pretty good brand for any beginner but for professionals like the guys and girls in our team, we just felt that there were other companies bigger and better. This is a great brand to start on but not one that you are likely to stick with for an extended period of time. Taking all of this into consideration and we have decide to give White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes 3.5 stars out of 5… Almost there guys, but not quite!