Vapor Zone Jet

We’d never tried a tank style electronic cigarette before so we were a tad apprehensive about things when we first ordered it. Things were not all as they seemed however and our first impression of the e-cig certainly wasn’t a fair impression. We are glad we gave it a shot…


Editor's rating

We didn’t think we were going to like this electronic cigarette for a number of reasons. Firstly, it doesn’t look like a cigarette. People would stare at us while we were smoking it. We went for the Jet Starter Kit at $79.99 and as you can see from the pictures, it is a pretty massive e-cig. with our massive battery, 1 cartomizer which you refill with the liquid, 2 addition atomizers which took us about a month to figure out what they were (because we don’t read the instructions properly and think we already know everything about e-cigarettes) and we still aren’t sure how to replace, a wall and USB charger, a mouthpiece cap to stop dirt and fluff getting into it and the user manual. We already mentioned we didn’t read that.

First impressions weren’t great… It’s a very big bit of kit. Everyone that has seen us smoking it has asked us what on earth it was. We found it to be rather exhausting having to explain ourselves every time but once we had explained it, people were sure we aren’t smoking some kind of odd drug in a weird pipe.

the thing is super heavy too and we thought that this would cause a problem to use. We are people that have become accustomed to the “usual” electronic cigarettes that actually look and feel like cigarettes. All of a sudden we were having to hold it different. It’s too heavy to simply hold in between your fingers. Thankfully it didn’t take us too long to adjust to the new style of smoking. It was actually a quicker process than we had first thought.

The second we ripped open the packaging, we thought we were going to hate it. The VaporZone Jet is a massive bit of kit but thankfully its saving grace is the fact that the massive battery holds some serious juice. We can smoke our VaporZone e-cig for two days before it will run out. As soon as we took it out the box and pieced it together (which took a while because, as we’ve mentioned, we don’t read the instructions) we noticed from the light up screen on the front that it had three quarters of the battery charged. On we screwed the appropriate pieces and away we went. A day and a half later, we were on 450 puffs (again, as shown by the screen on the front of the triangular shaped device) and thoroughly impressed. On a full battery, you can get up to 600 puffs out of this thing. Impressed we more certainly were.

So far we were impressed by the fact that the screen on the front showed us exactly how much battery we had left. We also loved the fact that the clear cartomizer that you fill with liquid also showed us how much was left so we were never left surprised with that nasty taste in the mouth you get when the cartridge is starting to run out of liquid. With other conventional looking electronic cigarettes, you can’t tell when the cartridge is going to run out because you can’t see into it without taking the lid off.

With up to 30,000 different flavour combinations available in the VaporZone e-liquid store, you will never be bored and there will always be a brand new flavour to try. You can make a choice form the generic tobacco flavours, menthol ones, fruity ones, exotic ones, pre filled cartridges and more. The possibilities are literally endless.

The price was yet another thing that we loved about VaporZone. We have back up e-digs but we found that we didn’t need to use them. You can easily charge this battery up overnight and use it during the day…. It really does have that much staying power!

There are six different starter kits available on the website but out of them all, we think we made the best choice with the Jet tank style e-cig. Everything from the perfect amount of throat hit to the half decent price, varying flavours and strengths of the liquid and pre-filled cartridges, amazing vapor exhalation and a very pleasant smoking experience assured us that we had made the right decision. The only think that stopped us giving this e-cig full marks out of 5 was the fact that it is such a bulky design. It doesn’t fit in our pockets so we can’t hide it and get away with sneaky puffs at work but aside from that, we simply loved it and decided it was most definitely worth the 4.5 stars out of 5 that we have opted to give it.