Vapor Couture

Vapor Couture is owned by the same people as V2 Cigs so we expected a lot… You’ll have to take a closer look at the Vapor Couture review to find out what we thought although, as you can tell from the star rating, we weren’t all that impressed.


Editor's rating

We have a lot to say about this electronic cigarette, mostly because it is clearly made for the girls. The pretty-in-pink look of the thing simply doesn’t bode well for a grown man in his 40’s so we decided to pass you over to one of the female members of our little team instead. Vapor Couture was her first experience with electronic cigarettes after being a smoker for almost 15 years. She chose the day to be her quit day and stopped smoking “real” cigarettes. She only lasted 1 day…. That doesn’t bode well, does it?

We had some cheeky puffs on the electronic cigarette in the comfort of the office of course. We wouldn’t have been seen dead with it while we were out and about on the streets. There is nothing cool about a man smoking a super-thin, super-elegant pink, lilac or designer inspired-patterned electronic cigarette with a pink, white or lilac glowing jewel tip. We are sure there are men out there that could pull this look off… Sadly no male member of team is one of those men.

The website is very elegant and you can tell pretty much straight away that this e-cigarette is designed for the elegant woman. There are more accessories than we’ve ever seen on an electronic cigarette website for starters. What is it you really want to go with your e-cig? A metal carrying case? A stainless steel necklace-lanyard in stainless steel or stirling silver? A portable charging case? An elegant smartphone clutch? Yep, on top of the usual stuff – car chargers, wall chargers, etc. you will find a whole host of girl-orientated e-cig paraphernalia. It stunned us for just a few moments…

Moving along to the starter kits and you’ll find a few there to choose from. These are clearly a premium electronic cigarette so as you can expect, there is a premium price tag. Slightly pricer than most of the other kits, and with a bit less than what the others seem to offer, you could just go for the L’Essentiel Kit which will set you back about $65. You’ll get two batteries, ten cartridges in two five-packs, the maul plus a USB charger. This is enough to get you started… This is all we needed because we didn’t use it for very long.

The electronic cigarette is beautifully designed and feels like a premium product. It is very slender and very dainty, although a lot heavier than it looks. At times, the girls say it was quite difficult to hold correctly as it kept “flopping forwards”. This is not something you are going to want from your electronic cigarette.

When it comes to using them, the throat hit and vapour were pretty impressive for such a slimline device. It’s not the most we’ve ever had out of an electronic cigarette, but it was certainly a lot better than some brands we have tried and tested. The flavours weren’t bad but we found ourselves secretly relieved when the cartridges ran out and we were refilling with our own liquids. It doesn’t matter how good the cartridges taste, sometimes all you need is your own liquid. You will become attached to liquid – we feel we should make you aware of this. You’ll understand once you’ve been using it a while.

You can pick your colour of battery and cartridges which was a sure fit hit with the ladies – rose gold, signature pattern, deep purple and brushed platinum. They are good looking e-cig – we can’t deny that.

With four different strengths available (1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6% and 0%), and a number of flavours – Bombshell, Fresh Mint, Passion Fruit, Rodeo Drive, Arctic Mint and Strawberry Champagne, you can still tell that this was designed for women. None of the men in our team got particularly excited about the flavours but the girls certainly did! A five pack of refills will set you back just shy of $13 which isn’t bad. We did find that the cartridges didn’t last us all that long sadly. We could get an 8 hour day of “normal” use out of the cartridges offered with the likes of Green Smoke. With Vapour Couture, we were only getting a couple of hours. It was quite disappointing.

The battery, slimline and attractive as it is, didn’t last all that long. It’s not the worst battery we’ve come across but it’s certainly not the best. Yo’u’ll get about three or four hours of normal use out of it which is comparable to one of the smaller batteries offered by the likes of Green Smoke. Generally, you’ll get about six hours out of the Green Smoke battery.

In conclusion, the Vapour Couture electronic cigarette might be good for you if you are a girl worried about what your normal e-cigs look like to other people, and wants something a little flashier for a night out perhaps. It’s a special occasion e-cig, as such. It’s a bit pricey to use on a regular occasion and although the throat hit and vapor wasn’t bad, we wouldn’t imagine it is something that you can use on a very regular basis. With all of this information in mind, we would only really give Vapor Couture 2.5 stars out of 5.