Its time for the SmokeTip review to see whether or this brand of electronic cigarette really compares against some of the biggest and best names in the industry. Let’s take a closer look to see if the company really is all that.


Editor's rating

SmokeTip comes up in search engine results with the phrase “cheap electronic cigarettes” which gives you some idea of the type of company that we are dealing with here. You have probably established by now that you get what you pay for when it comes to e-cigs and although we aren’t suggesting that you go for the most expensive option, the ones that are ridiculously cheap are that cost for a reason… Think about it – when a deal seems too good to be true, it normally is!

There’s just one starter pack with SmokeTip which doesn’t fill us with confidence. $59.95 will get you 2 batteries, 5 cartridges, wall adapter, USB charger and “gift box” packaging.

Firstly, unless the “gift box” packaging was for a troll, we would hardly called it “gift wrapped” at all. In fact, the box was so banged up, as were the contents inside, that we were disappointed from the second it arrived on our doorstep. The box wasn’t sent with the best of packaging so a few things had gotten battered within the box as well.

So far, so not good.

SmokeTip does redeem itself ever so slightly when you look at the vast quantity of flavours they offer… For an electronic cigarette with such a limited array of starter kits, they sure boast an impressive array of flavours they offer – Regular, Menthol, Cowboy (apparently like Marlboro Red), Watermelon, Strawberry, Peach, Orange, Grape, Peppermint, Pineapple, Clove, Cinnamon, Cheery, Blueberry, Apple, Banana, Chocolate, Almond, Coffee, Mild Menthol, Vanilla and Sahara which is apparently like Camel cigarettes.

It would seem as if there were a flavour for everyone.

Sadly, this is where the good news ends. The flavours were a bit lacklustre. Don’t get us wrong – they weren’t foul tasting. They just didn’t offer enough bang for our buck, so to speak. We found the to be rather boring.

Once again, however, SmokeTip manage to redeem themselves. They offer a choice of strengths as well as flavours which means quitting will be easier. You could start with the 16mg Full Flavour cartridges before reducing yourself down to 12mg Light, 6mg Ultra Light and 0mg No Nicotine. Other brands offer 6 strengths but in reality, this is all you really need.

Another up brings with it another down and we find ourselves disappointed with the warranty of the product. We had a faulty battery and had to send it back and to be honest, this was a pain in the ass. You get a “Lifetime Warranty” which is all very good and well BUT you need to get an RMA from the customer services team which aren’t always the most useful people on the planet, send the faulty one back and then request for a replacement to be sent out WITH YOUR NEXT ORDER. This means that they won’t just SEND you a new battery – you have to BUY stuff first! What a load of garbage.

We come to another up… You get free stuff when you order new cartridges and this can make life easier for you. 3 packs of ten cartridges will get you a free battery. 6 packs bought at once and you will get a free battery PLUS USB or wall charger. If you go for a bumper 10 pack, you’ll get a free 16mg regular kit. We do like free stuff.

Now we come to trying the actual e-cigarettes… Sadly, things didn’t really go to plan.

First of all one of our batteries was faulty so we needed to request an RMA to send it back and get a new one sent out. This set our SmokeTip journey back a few weeks as you can’t really get by on one cigarette unless you are happy being without it for hours at a time while it charges. We also ended up with a whole bunch of lacklustre cartridges because the replacement battery needed to be sent out with a new order. We may as well just have bought a brand new battery for the time and money that this experience proved to be. Their customer services team were difficult. Not in a difficult way…  in a stupid way. Sorry guys. You do get 24/7 phone support though – when you are not on hold which seemed to be a lot of the time.

SmokeTip do offer free shipping which is always a bonus but we found them to be too boring to smoke when it came down to the nitty gritty. The throat hit was pathetic. The exhale vapor was non-existent. They may have been a big name in the electronic cigarette industry once but these days, against the likes of VaporZone and Green Smoke, these guys do not stand a chance.

We decided to give SmokeTip a pretty pathetic one star out of five. The reasons behind this are plentiful – flavours too weak, the cartridges barely lasted us a couple of hours, the batteries were poor quality and didn’t last anywhere near as long as the other brands that we had tried and tested, the customer services team were ridiculously unhelpful and our fist order came with a faulty battery which, to be fair, didn’t get us off to the best of starts.

All in all, we found this e-cigarette brand to be useless for us. We needed to wait almost three weeks for the replacement to be sent out with the new cartridges we had to order to get the replacement and by that time, we had already lost interest.