What’s “Throat Hit”?

Throat HitThe electronic cigarette industry is a massive one and it is growing bigger and better everyday. Bearing in mind that it is now worth a whopping $1.7 billion (2013) and celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Katherine Heigl are endorsing the electronic cigarettes, it might be time for you to take a bit of a closer look.

One of the things that often puts people off when they first delve into the world of e-cigarettes is the whole complicated jargon thing. You’ve got cartridges and cartomizers, batteries and e-liquid, throat hit and vaping, and a whole bunch of there things that you don’t know the meaning of.

Right now we are going to look at “throat hit”. This is the thing that makes you realise you are actually smoking. It’s that comfortable twinge that reassures you that you are getting the nicotine hit that you truly crave. This is the thing you miss the most about smoking but don’t realise it until you have a cigarette again. It’s a comfortable feeling… It’s one that you you CAN replace with the assistance of an electronic cigarette.

The amount of throat hit that you get from an e-cigarette will either make or break the experience for you. If there’s not enough, you re not satisfied. When you are not satisfied, you want to smoke a cigarette. When you want to smoke a cigarette, there’s a good chance that you will end up buying and then smoking a packet. If there is too much throat hit, you won’t be able to smoke the e-cigarette at all as you will be coughing up a lung every time you try and get a decent hit out of it. Too much throat hit is just as bad as not enough and it’s hard to find a brand that has the right balance. The ones that you would probably suggest to you are VaporZone that offers plenty of throat hit with a smooth draw on the e-cigarette. White Cloud is a pretty smooth and easy draw too. These are well worth checking out if you get a moment. Check out the reviews too – you’ll see that throat hit is very important.

Everyone is different and what might have worked for me might not work for you. Only you will know what is the right amount of throat hit for you so what we suggest is starting with the companies that offer a free 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like the amount of throat hit (too much or too little) you just send it back and get your money refunded. It’s as easy as that. What’s not to love?

Generally, the cheaper and tackier the e-cigarette looks (Check out SmokeTip for example) the poorer the throat hit you will get. The better and more reputable the brand, the better the amount of throat hit. We aren’t saying that you should go for the most expensive option but you do get what you pay for…