E-Cigarettes: The History

Electronic CigarettesWe all know that electronic cigarettes are a relatively new concept but they are something that seem to pop up every time we look. They are in the corner shop when you buy your packet of regular cigarettes. They are on the till in the grocery store. They are on the billboards that you pass on the way to work and in the magazines that you find at the Dentist’s waiting room.

It might surprise you to know that e-cigarettes have actually been around for a lot longer than you may have thought. When do you think the first concept of electronic cigarettes was thrown around? The 80’s? The 90’s? Earlier?

It was 1963 that the idea first came around, believe it or not. A man called Herbert A. Gilbert first patented the idea in that year and although people were aware that the concept existed, smoking “real” cigarettes wasn’t as frowned upon then as it is now. These days smoking is seen as bad… Poor smokers!

It was many years later, 40 in fact, after the death of a father to lung cancer, that Han Lik decided to have another go at things. Ruyan was the name which means “like smoke” in the native tongue. They were embraced as soon as they were released in China; a prototype as such for the electronic cigarettes that you may have tried yourself. You inhale nicotine in vapor form without the need to burn anything, inhale al the dangerous chemicals associated with tobacco, and stinking like an ash tray.

Of course, this was just the very beginning for the electronic cigarette industry. Shockingly, the e-cig industry is worth $1.7 billion for just this year (2013) alone. That’s an incredible figure. It would appear that more and more people were making the hanse from “conventional” cigarettes to the more electronic ones. With celebrities also jumping on the bandwagon, their popularity increased at an amazing rate.

It was 2007 that saw them first boom into the American market and from there, the rest is history.

The good thing is that the industry is evolving as our wants and needs are. Consumer demand has lead to things like flavoured nicotine e-liquid, different strengths of liquid to help you to quit smoking completely and even charging cases that can keep you in juice even when you are on the move. It’s been an amazing evolution and it would seem that the concept has already worked well for so many people around the world.

Millions have made the change from conventional cigarettes to electronic ones and with them regularly competing against each other for the best starter kits and accessories at the best value, they don’t have to cost you as much as you think they might. EverSmoke, for example, are just one example of an electronic cigarette company offering great value on great products!