Be Green with Electronic Cigarettes

GreenSmokeIf you want to make a difference to the world, one of the easiest things you can do is become economically friendly. If you smoke, you are hardly making the world a better place… People die from cancer and other similar medical conditions that are caused by second hand smoke. That’s before you even begin to think about the damage that has been caused to your own body from your own smoking.

Let’s look at all the ways you’ll be economically friendly by making the switch to electronic cigarettes…

Firstly, you’ll buy one starter pack plus a new bottle of e-liquid every month (approximately). That means that you will be cutting out 31 (depending on days in the month) cigarette cartons. Think of the landfill sites you’re not filling by cutting out on buying those cigarettes!

Secondly, although you might consider yourself to be a relatively “tidy” smoker, how many times have you tossed your cigarette butt on the ground? Do you know how long it takes for those to disintegrate? On top of that, animals can eat it and that’s no good for the eco-system. That’s before you even begin to consider how unsightly all those tossed butts look!

With an electronic cigarette, one cartridge will last you roughly a day. That’s compared to 20 cigarette butts if you smoke a pack per day. You can refill those cartridges too. I managed to make a pack of 5 Green Smoke cartridges last for over two months by refilling them myself. They started to burn out towards the end of that two months (and many companies will have burnt out way before the 2 month point!) but even still, think of the cigarette butts you are not throwing on the ground, or the packaging that you are filling land fill sites with.

Rechargeable, reusable electronic cigarettes are a very new and innovative idea and a lot of people are questioning the safety and reputability of the unique concept. Studies have shown that electronic cigarettes, although not one hundred percent safe, are most definitely much better alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes. There are ten thousand chemicals ground in cigarettes tobacco, 40 of which are all known carcinogens which cause cancer. In electronic cigarettes, the amount of these that you will find are so tiny, they are in “trace” quantities.

You will be making the world a better place by making the chance to electronic cigarettes. Not only will your bank balance look better, you will feel better, be healthier, have more energy, be able to breathe better, will be less susceptible to common colds and flu… the list of benefits of making the change are endless.

Maybe it is time for you to look at making the world a much greener place?