10 Facts about Electronic Cigarettes (Part One)

We all know about electronic cigarettes by now – they are everywhere you look. They are the stalls in your local malls and in the display stands at the convenience store. They are all over the newspapers and in the magazines. You’ve seen them on TV and you can’t watch the news without some health and safety concern… We all know they exist but do we really know anything about them?

We have decided to share with you the ten coolest facts about electronic cigarettes. Are you sitting comfortably?

10 – Despite the health concerns, electronic cigarettes ARE safe. Most good quality, reputable electronic cigarettes only use e-liquid to pre-fill their cartridges that contains FDA approved ingredients. This means that they are safe for you. No one really knows the effect of inhaling the nicotine in this manner as it is a relatively new concept but tests done so far have definitely proved that they are a lot healthier than smoking conventional cigarettes!

9 – Electronic cigarettes WILL save you a small fortune f you make the switch from “real” cigarettes to e-cigarettes completely. You really could save yourself a lot of money here. You spend roughly $10 a day on cigarettes (as a normal smoker). A starter kit with a 30ml bottle of e-liquid will set you back roughly $100. That little set will last you over a month if you are smart. There are 31 days in the month of December = $310. Compare this to e-cigs at $100. Think ahead of this – think of the money you will save if you manage to quit completely!

8 – There’s no second hand smoke! This is just as much of a killer as smoking itself is and there is just vapor coming out of the e-cigarette so you eliminate this problem completely. You don’t burn anything so there’s no risk of fire. You don’t burn anything so nothing will smell bad. Imagine not being a smoker – you can’t smell yourself anymore but if you smoke in the home, you stink. It’s as simple as that.

7- You can get the same satisfaction from smoking an electronic cigarette as you can from a regular cigarette. The nicotine hit is the same – they both soothe you in the same way. Imagine being able to quit smoking without the nicotine withdrawals! Doesn’t that sound fabulous? You can achieve this with the assistance of an electronic cigarette.

6 – E-cigarettes come in handy even when you’re not that bothered about quitting smoking completely. Imagine being able to smoke the electronic cigarette in the comfort of your own living room instead of going out to the porch in the pouring rain. You can still smoke in the car and when you are out and about but you can cut out the cold minutes wasted puffing away. You’ll save money at the same time. You can use them on plane, bus and train journeys when you wouldn’t normally be able to have that cigarette.

That’s it for the first part of the 10 Facts about Electronic cigarettes. You can find the 2nd part here: http://www.ecigsfan.com/info/10-facts-about-electronic-cigarettes-part-two/