E Cigarette Reviews and Comparison

Electronic CigareteWelcome to the Ecigs Fan e cigarette review site. Glad you stumbled by, as we have lots of information about e-cigs to share – comparison of top brands, detailed reviews, tips, must-know information, discount coupon codes, and much more.

If you are a smoker and you want to live a long and healthy life, save money, or get rid of the smoker’s breath and yellow teeth, you’ll probably want to look at quitting smoking at some point. Probably the only thing that could work is an electronic cigarette. Besides the health aspect, one of the things that many people, including celebrities such as Isla Fisher and Robert Pattinson loved is the convenience of it all. It’s not like smoking a “real” cigarette – you’re smoking an imitation cigarette which means that you can get away with smoking it in more places. Could you imagine how happier your winter would be if you didn’t need to spend so much of it in the freezing cold and pouring rain, puffing away on something that makes you smell like an ash tray and cuts years off your life…

One of the main reasons why people avoid the topic of electronic cigarettes is because they don’t want to focus on something that is patently starting them in the face. Although they are not promoted to be a smoking cessation product, they do work as one and this has been proven by the millions of people that have already quit smoking with the aid of one of the many forms of electronic cigarette that you can now get your hands on.

The industry has come a long way over recent years and although the idea of e-cigarettes was first patented in 1963, it has only been over the last five years or so that they have really taken off in various countries all around the world. It is now said to be an industry that is worth $1.7 billion every year – this is proof that some of these companies must be doing something right.

The thing about electronic cigarettes is that they are accessible to so many people. They are in the stores that you walk into on an almost daily basis. They are in the magazines that you read everyday. They are on the TV and even now in the mouths of your favorite celebrities. It is about time that you found out a little bit more about these things that are said to make your life and your bank balance a lot healthier.

The thing about making the switch from conventional cigarettes to electronic ones is that they work out being a lot cheaper int he long run. Once you’ve made that initial investment of an electronic cigarette starter kit, you just need to add a bottle of e-liquid into the mix every month, or buy a few more cartridges, (we recommend the liquid as it will end up being much cheaper yet again) and a spare battery from time to time (every three or four months) and that’s it. If you spend $100 on a starter kit plus $20 on e-liquid every month, over the course of one year, it will cost you $340 to smoke. If you add a couple of batteries to this, you’ll probably be adding another $40 or so. In short, smoking will cost you less than $500 per year. Now add up how much smoking “real” cigarettes are going to cost you – $10 per day, 365 days a year – that’s $3650. You’ll be saving over $3,000. We bet we have your attention now, don’t we?

Of course, you can’t talk about electronic cigarettes without first looking at the many health benefits that you can make use of by making the switch. You’ll not inhaling all of those toxins, chemicals and carcinogens which cause cancer by smoking an electronic cigarette. You are not putting other people in danger by making them breathe your second hand smoke. You are reducing the chances of you suffering with various cancers, heart problems, lung problems, circulatory problems, and much more besides. You’ll be living a much healthier life if you make the switch. Surely it’s worth it just to watch your kids grow up? And their kids after that?

The hardest bit for many of the guys in our team was finding the right electronic cigarette for them. Some of us want a manual operated battery while others can’t be bothered with the button. Some of us prefer to refill our cartridges. Some of us are too lazy for that – some of us just want them pre-filled and ready to puff away on. Some of us work in an office so a USB cigarette is a great addition. Some of us travel a lot so a charging case on the go is essential. We all have little things that we need slightly different from other people and this is where electronic cigarette reviews come into play. By reading what other people have read, you can tell whether or not the brand will be right for you. If you are someone that needs a strong throat hit, for example, a heavy user, then you are going to want to opt for something like or VaporZone rather than Vapor Couture or SmokeTip. If battery is important, VaporZone is the way forward. If you are worried about what it looks like, the girl-inspired Vapor Couture is worth a second glance. The hardest bit about your electronic cigarette journey will often be finding the right one for you.

Armed with the best information and knowledge, you will find the Holy Grail – the way to give up smoking without having to go through those nasty cravings and periods where you hate everyone in sight. You shouldn’t eat like a pig by making the switch, and you will definitely find that things start to look up in your life. With a healthier body and more money in your bank, what more could you possibly ask for? Maybe it is time for you read the e cigarette reviews and then give the ecigs a shot?